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Sending save-the-date cards can be a fun and exciting way to ensure your guests are aware of your special day well in advance of a formal invitation. Who doesn't love getting advance notice of the most important event of the year? Your guests will appreciate the extra time to prepare for any travel, and will simply love seeing the beautiful reminder every day on their refrigerators! Here are some tips to get you started creating the first official announcement of your wedding day!


A must, of course, is the names of the bride and groom. Save the parents names and formal stuff for the formal invitations.

Your wedding date. (This is obvious but probably most important!) This is what you want your guests to remember and to keep that day open!

Your wedding location. The city and state of your wedding are enough for your save-the-dates. Your venue and time of the wedding, along with other details, should be on your formal invites.

Your wedding website address. This is a great way to keep everyone up to date on all your wedding happenings!

And last but not least, another must to add is “Formal invite to follow”. This should be on all save-the-dates to let guests know they will be receiving more details about your wedding to include venues, times, maps, registry information, hotel information, and RSVP cards.


Traditional styles of save-the-dates are a classy way to proclaim the news of your upcoming “l do’s”. Our beautiful colors and lettering styles can be arranged to have the look of a traditional wedding invitation and set the tone of your formal invitation to follow. They are also a perfect way to give guests the first glimpse into the overall style and color scheme of your wedding.

A photograph save-the-date card is probably everyone's favorite! This may be many of your guests first chance to see you as a newly engaged couple, and they are certainly guaranteed to be a cherished keepsake for many years to come. This is your chance to get creative and show your guests your fun side! Keep in mind that professional photographs should be used, and it's a good idea to know the orientation of the card you are going to use (landscape or portrait) when having your engagement photography session, as this will determine text layout and design. Not to worry...we will help you with this!


For most weddings, sending save-the-date cards around 6-8 months in advance should be plenty of time for guests to plan for travel, time off, baby sitters, etc.. However, for destination weddings it is customary to send them about 8-10 months in advance. This allows for flight arrangements if needed, longer time off requests for work, and generally, gives guests more time to ensure they can make all the plans needed to attend. They'll appreciate as much planning time as possible!


We strongly urge you to send a save-the-date card to every person on your list! If they are going to get a formal invitation then they will truly appreciate a save-the-date card. If you're trying to save money, sending save-the-dates only to those guests who are traveling and eliminating wedding party, siblings and parents, is ok. But you know they'll want one to cherish!

When addressing your save the dates, keep in mind to address them to the guests who are invited. For example, if you're inviting your cousin who you haven't seen in years and counting him as one guest, be sure to address his save the date card envelope as “Mr. Bryan Smith”. If you are including him and counting his potential date as well, address his card as “Mr. Bryan Smith and Guest”. Same goes for couples with children. Will you be inviting “The Mills Family” or “Mr. and Mrs. Mills”?

This helps your guests plan accordingly well in advance of a formal invitation.

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