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Addressing the problem...

So, the subject of guest addresses may seem a little boring at first but they are vital to the very existence of your wedding! You've anguished over the perfect invitation, now you need to get those beauties out there and into the hands of your guests. Sounds simple right? But, do you know everyone's addresses or even have them handy? Do you know how to correctly address the Misters and Missus’s (is that even a word?) or the Doctors, or the service men and women? It can be a little confusing and not so simple after all. Some frequent questions brides have are, “what is the proper etiquette for collecting addresses?” and “How do you properly address each person on the envelopes?” Have no fear, we are here to help! (And a little surprise at the end for those dark colored envelopes!)

Collecting your guests’ addresses

Chances are you don't know everyone's physical address. With social media, email and evites these days who really needs to? Well, brides need to! All proper wedding invitations should be sent to your guest’s physical address. What’s the best way to get those addresses you ask? Here are some tips!

•Just simply a phone call or text to your close friends and family should do it. Chances are they already know you are engaged and will be expecting an invite.

•Don’t post on social media asking for addresses. Friends and followers who are not on the guest list may get the wrong idea and expect an invitation.

•Ask your parents and bridal party for help. Parents seem to have a knack for keeping addresses on hand. Rely on their help to find and collect family member’s addresses that you may not already have. Bridesmaids and groomsmen can be given a list of names of mutual friends to aid in the address hunt. They will be happy to help!

Proper envelope addressing etiquette

Here’s where it can really get confusing, let’s keep it simple! Go to this link from Here, they perfectly explain a number of possible scenarios in addressing your guests on the outer and inner envelopes of your invitations. For example a female doctor and her husband, a same-sex married couple, a couple that lives together but not married, where to put children’s names, at what age to use Mr. and Miss. and more!

Addressing the dark envelope problem

Those sophisticated deep gray envelopes made your heart skip a beat almost as quickly as when he proposed. (Ok we are exaggerating...a little..but they really are to die for!) But, how do you address these? Some brides have been so distraught over the whole process that they resorted to slapping white inkjet labels on their beautiful invitations and called it a day.... Don't do this. White ink on a dark-colored envelope is absolutely stunning! Unfortunately, it is difficult to bring to reality. Here’s the worries! Here at Invitation Shoppe, we can make it possible! Our elite printers have the latest technology in white ink printing. Your guests will be wowed before they even open their invitations. Envelopes never had it so good!

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